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“Too Many Barriers: Experiences of Abortion in Ireland after Repeal”

Public launch of the results of ARC’s research into people’s experiences accessing abortion in Ireland since the Repeal of the 8th Amendment Between 2019 and 2021, the Abortion Rights Campaign…

Government unable to provide answers on abortion at CEDAW hearings

Press Release from the Abortion Rights Campaign – February 16th 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For media inquiries please contact: [email protected] Government unable to provide answers on abortion as Irish State…

Pro-choice Wexofrm image

Give pro-Repeal activists a level playing field: Guest blogpost in response to an Irish Times Article by Doris Murphy

In response to last week’s article in the Irish Times: I live in Wexford, hardly a metropolitan bubble. I cofounded Pro-Choice Wexford and we invite all locals to our events….

Press release: UN Human Rights Committee says Ireland’s prohibition on abortion violates human rights

In a landmark judgment today in the case of Amanda Jane Mellet v Ireland, the United Nations Human Rights Committee found that Ireland’s prohibition on abortion, in itself, violates human…