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Explaining the Joint Oireachtas Committee Votes

On Wednesday 13 December, the Joint Oireachtas Committee voted on what they wanted to recommend to the government. The voting process was a bit complicated, and there was some confusion…


Citizens’ Assembly have ‘Chosen Choice’, says Abortion Rights Campaign

  Citizens’ Assembly have ‘Chosen Choice’, says Abortion Rights Campaign The Oireachtas must now respect the will of the Citizens’ Assembly members and call a referendum without delay. The Eighth…

Confusion and Lack of Clarity Affected Outcome of Citizens’ Assembly Vote Today, says Abortion Rights Campaign.

The campaign is concerned about the process which lead to vote to replace, rather than repeal, the 8th Amendment, but also welcomes the broad call for change by the members…

Reality of the 8th Amendment in Ireland

The 8th Amendment severely limits the ability of women and pregnant people to obtain abortion services in the State. But the restrictions on their health doesn’t stop here. Did you…


Abortion Rights Campaign analysis of Saturday 7 January session of the Citizens’ Assembly

  As we have done before, this weekend we followed the livestream of the Citizens’ Assembly (CA) proceedings as they met for the second time to discuss the Eighth Amendment….