The Abortion Rights Campaign really appreciates your support. Our task is great but our supporters are many. To help realise our goals and bring about change, we rely on your donations, no matter how small.



Here are some of the things your donation help fund:

  • The Annual March for Choice each September, Ireland’s largest and most vibrant pro-choice weekend of events, including printing materials, venue/equipment rental, transportation, and training of volunteers.
  • Supporting our Regional Groups and other pro-choice groups across the country including trainings, workshops, and funding.
  • Production of videos, leaflets, reports, educational materials and media outreach.
  • Educational events, trainings, and workshops on topics like stigma busting, civic empowerment, media training, and values clarification.
  • Advocacy work in international forums such as the European Parliament and United Nations when Ireland’s Human Rights record is under review.
  • The day to day running of the campaign including renting an office, meeting space, and infrastructure like internet, computers, and phones.

This is just a small selection of the work we do with your help. The more donations we receive, the more work we are able to do.