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Organise events, write to politicians, volunteer your skills, attend demonstrations, help to spread information – sign up to get involved in the Abortion Rights Campaign and do your bit for choice in Ireland today!

We’re running an Abortion Rights Roadshow for summer 2017. We aim to travel to every county on the island of Ireland spreading our pro-choice message. More info on how to help out here.

Get involved with a Pro-Choice group in your area

Republic of Ireland

Cavan ( – see more at: Cavan Prochoice

Cork ( – See more at: Rebels4Choice or @rebels4choice (Instagram)

Clare ( – See more at: Clare ARC or @ClareARC1

Donegal (– See more at: ARC Donegal or @ARCDonegal

Galway (– See more at: Galway Pro-Choice or @GalwayProChoice

Kerry ( See more at: Kerry for Choice or @KerryForChoice

Kildare (  See more at: Pro Choice Kildare

Kilkenny ( – See more at: Kilkenny For Choice or @kk4choice

Limerick ( See more at: Limerick Pro-Choice or @Limkprochoice

Leitrim  ( See more at: @LeitrimARC

Mayo ( – See more at: Mayo Pro-Choice  or @MayoArc

Meath ( – See more at: Meath for Choice or @MeathForChoice

Sligo ( See more at: Repeal the 8th Sligo ARC or @Repeal8thSligo

Tipperary ( See more at: Tipperary Pro-Choice or @TippforChoice

Waterford ( See more at: Repeal the 8thWaterford

Westmeath ( See more at: Westmeath for Choice or @arcwestmeath

Wexford See more at: Pro-Choice Wexford or @ProChoiceWX

Wicklow (– See more at Wicklow Pro Choice

Northern Ireland

Belfast ( See more at: Alliance for Choice Belfast  or @Alliance4Choice

Derry ( See more at: Alliance for Choice Derry

If there is no group in your area and you are interested in helping to set one up, please email