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ARC logo in blue and pink

Transphobia has no place in paper of record says Abortion Rights Campaign

The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) voted today to join the Trans Writers’ Union boycott of the Irish Times. As a result, ARC will not share, read, pay for or write…

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Press Release: Unacceptable and insulting that South-east hospital refuses to care for women and pregnant people

Anna Carnegie, spokesperson for the Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) reacted to the news that St. Luke’s Hospital, the main hospital serving Kilkenny and Carlow has refused to provide abortion services….

Northern Ireland Access

Campaigners for Abortion access across Ireland, Northern Ireland and England, urge politicians to focus on the delivery of abortion access with haste.

Leading reproductive justice organisations Alliance for Choice, the Abortion Rights Campaign and London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign are calling on all respective governments to swiftly solve the crisis of women and…

safe access zones

Let’s talk about: Why Safe Access Zones are urgently needed outside health care facilities providing abortion

When the people of Ireland voted for abortion services at home, we were promised those services would be safe and accessible. After a long history of shame and hypocrisy on…

Phillipines conference

Ireland’s result had given hope that change was possible

Two months after the referendum campaign the Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) was invited to a conference in the Philippines. It was hosted by the Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network. In…