Transphobia has no place in paper of record says Abortion Rights Campaign

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The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) voted today to join the Trans Writers’ Union boycott of the Irish Times. As a result, ARC will not share, read, pay for or write for the Irish Times. 

Spokesperson Helen Stonehouse stated, “This press release marks the last time ARC will engage with the Irish Times until such time as it has withdrawn and apologised for their recent conversion therapy article, published August 9 2021, and takes practical, committed steps to adopting a trans-inclusive editorial line”

The Trans Writers’ Union boycott came about as a result of the paper sharing uncritical articles on conversion therapy, a practice that has been widely condemned as torture by health professionals, human rights organisations and organisations that support torture victims.

“Trans rights and reproductive rights are inherently linked struggles. We stand with our trans siblings in their fight for bodily autonomy and we wholeheartedly support their campaign”, Ms Stonehouse continued.

“It is unacceptable for any paper to continually target a minority community in this fashion. It is exhausting to repeatedly ask for basic respect and integrity in journalism. This is an issue that we as pro-choice campaigners are all too aware of.”

For years many newspapers refused to acknowledge the opinions of those who supported increased abortion access in Ireland. It wasn’t until the tragic death of Savita Halappanavaar that many publications acknowledged the call to Repeal the 8th Amendment. Does there need to be a body count for publishers to step up and acknowledge what they publish or refuse to publish has consequences?

We will not wait for trans people to die tragically before they are treated with humanity. Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, when we acknowledge the 375 lives that have been lost this year to transphobic violence. 

The pro-choice community knows all too well how damaging and misleading articles can perpetuate stigma in society. This stigma, along with a healthcare and political system that refuses to progress, has created long-lasting damage. Trans people have asked us to boycott and we, as an organisation, have listened. 


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