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Let’s Talk About: It’s Time to Stop Treating Abortion as a Crime

Abortion is recognised as an essential aspect of healthcare by the World Health Organization. Yet, it is seen as a criminal issue by many governments around the world, including here…

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Let’s Talk About: The Abortion Legislation Being Debated In The Dáil Right Now

  The Oireachtas is currently debating the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Bill 2018 which will legislate for abortion in Ireland, as we voted for in May. The Bill…

Luke Field

Why I’m Marching: We’ve come a long way, but we have further still to go

Luke is an academic and political activist based in Cork, and a member of Rebels4Choice, the Cork branch of the Abortion Rights Campaign. Here he shares his reasons for travelling…

Midwives for Choice

Why I’m Marching: The battle over abortion is far from won

Philomena Canning is a midwife and chairperson of Midwives for Choice. Midwives for Choice is an organisation which advocates for the rights of all during childbirth and for informed choice…

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Why I’m Marching: We have the power to make great changes in this country

As we do every year, we’ve been asking you to tell us why you are marching in this year’s March for Choice on the 29th of September. Kathy is a…