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Press Release: Ireland’s Abortion Laws Ruled ‘cruel and inhumane’ by UN Human Rights Committee for the Second Time

The Committee found that Siobhan Whelan, whose foetus was given a diagnosis of a condition incompatible with life in 2010 was forced to travel to the UK to terminate her…

2016 figures do not show the full picture of those who seek abortion access says Abortion Rights Campaign

Statistics published today by the UK Department of Health show that women from the island of Ireland accounted for 83% of legal abortions provided to non-residents in England and Wales…

Across the Irish Sea: an abortion story by Maya Rose

It was summer. A Friday. I flew over alone. Got a taxi to the hotel. Embarrassingly, my card was declined at the desk. I could barely afford the one-night stay….

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Abortion Rights Campaign launches Rock 4 Choice Ireland

We are launching a brand new music festival in Dublin to stir interest amongst Irish rockers and metalheads. It is taking place on July 29th at The Grand Social. Rock 4…

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Highlighting The Issue

Highlighting The Issue The Irish Government’s complacency with regards to abortion access and the 8th Amendment has created an extended, unnecessary struggle for the people living here. Every day, an…