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Press release: At least 10 people every week were forced to travel for care throughout 2020 pandemic

Data released today by the UK government shows that during 2020, 565 people gave addresses from Ireland, North and South, when having an abortion in England or Wales. 371 travelled…

Press release: Deep concern over Liverpool clinic decision to scale back FFA services – Together for Yes

  National people’s campaign launching later this week says reports are distressing Together for Yes, the national people’s campaign to remove the Eighth Amendment, has highlighted its deep concern at…

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Press Release: Ireland’s Abortion Laws Ruled ‘cruel and inhumane’ by UN Human Rights Committee for the Second Time

The Committee found that Siobhan Whelan, whose foetus was given a diagnosis of a condition incompatible with life in 2010 was forced to travel to the UK to terminate her…


Abortion Rights Campaign analysis of Saturday 7 January session of the Citizens’ Assembly

  As we have done before, this weekend we followed the livestream of the Citizens’ Assembly (CA) proceedings as they met for the second time to discuss the Eighth Amendment….

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Fatal Foetal Abnormality

A search of the Wiley Online Library (a database of academic resources available online) for the term “fatal foetal abnormality” produces 2649 results. Searching for the American spelling “fatal fetal…