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Let’s Talk about Iceland

Iceland and Down Syndrome: what the numbers really say This post is part of a new series examining the intersection of disability rights and abortion rights. It’s vital that people…

Abortion Rights Roadshow: ARC Tipperary Chats for Choice

Join us for our ‘Chats For Choice’ in Hayes Hotel Thurles on July 14th as part of the Tipperary leg of the Abortion Rights Campaign Roadshow.

Pro-choice Wexofrm image

Give pro-Repeal activists a level playing field: Guest blogpost in response to an Irish Times Article by Doris Murphy

In response to last week’s article in the Irish Times: I live in Wexford, hardly a metropolitan bubble. I cofounded Pro-Choice Wexford and we invite all locals to our events….

More merry myth-mongering (and muddled maths)

On 14 November an article titled ‘Ireland should not aspire to providing legalised killing‘, written by Breda O’Brien, was published in the Irish Times. It contains the usual inaccuracies, convenient…