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Press Release: Northern Ireland ruling means abortion laws still punish the marginalised

Abortion Rights Campaign condemns court ruling that the NHS is not obliged to pay for women in Northern Ireland seeking abortions in England and Wales. “This ruling shows the hypocrisy…

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Press Release: Ireland’s Abortion Laws Ruled ‘cruel and inhumane’ by UN Human Rights Committee for the Second Time

The Committee found that Siobhan Whelan, whose foetus was given a diagnosis of a condition incompatible with life in 2010 was forced to travel to the UK to terminate her…

2016 figures do not show the full picture of those who seek abortion access says Abortion Rights Campaign

Statistics published today by the UK Department of Health show that women from the island of Ireland accounted for 83% of legal abortions provided to non-residents in England and Wales…

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Why we campaign for Free, Safe and Legal abortion

Abortion should be available under the public health system and without cost barriers. Abortions, even terminations carried out at home with the use of the abortion pill, are medical interventions….

Explainer: What actually happened at the Citizens’ Assembly?

  The Citizens’ Assembly had their final meeting on the 8th Amendment last weekend. It was a long and complicated process that in the end returned very strong recommendations. Are…