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Dáil vote of 102 Yeses to 6 Nos

Press release: Dail vote welcome but issues with legislation must be resolved

ARC welcomes today’s Dáil vote of 102 Yeses to 6 Nos, which brings the Health Bill to committee stage, but reiterates problems with the legislation. Speaking this evening, ARC spokesperson…

8th and healthcare

The Eighth Amendment and Healthcare

Abortion Rights Campaign Open Information Evening: The Eighth Amendment and Healthcare This is a public event in Dublin outlining the many ways that the Eighth Amendment affects pregnancy healthcare in Ireland. Speakers…

Press release 18th October: Today’s vote paves way for caring, compassionate healthcare says Abortion Rights Campaign

Decision not to retain the 8th Amendment in its current form by Joint Oireachtas committee is welcomed The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) were delighted to see the overwhelming decision not…

Free Safe legal

Why we campaign for Free, Safe and Legal abortion

Abortion should be available under the public health system and without cost barriers. Abortions, even terminations carried out at home with the use of the abortion pill, are medical interventions….