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Press release: ARC condemns wrongful refusal of abortion care at Coombe Hospital

The Abortion Rights Campaign condemns the wrongful refusal of care of a woman diagnosed with a fatal foetal anomaly at the Coombe Hospital.

Press release: People across Ireland are still waiting for basic human rights to abortion care

This International Human Rights Day, the Abortion Rights Campaign says that the time for action on abortion rights is long overdue. Today, on International Human Rights Day 2018, the Abortion…

Dáil vote of 102 Yeses to 6 Nos

Press release: Dail vote welcome but issues with legislation must be resolved

ARC welcomes today’s Dáil vote of 102 Yeses to 6 Nos, which brings the Health Bill to committee stage, but reiterates problems with the legislation. Speaking this evening, ARC spokesperson…

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Press release: The constitutional impediment to abortions in Ireland is gone

On the anniversary of the 8th Amendment being voted in, the Abortion Rights Campaign welcomes today’s decision by the Supreme Court that clears the way for abortion legislation to proceed…


Press release: 100 Days Later: Nothing has changed for abortion access in Ireland

It has been 100 days since we voted Yes, by an overwhelming majority, to repeal the 8th Amendment. “What’s changed since then? Sadly nothing” says Sarah Monaghan, spokesperson for the…