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Unchallenged Claims Made By Anti-Choice Advocacy Groups at Citizens’ Assembly

Press Release from the Abortion Rights Campaign – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – UNCHALLENGED CLAIMS MADE BY ANTI CHOICE ADVOCACY GROUPS AT CITIZENS’ ASSEMBLY The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) strongly condemns…

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What unites sex workers’ rights and abortion rights movements?

Reducing stigma & realising bodily autonomy By @CuteCatriona and Grace Wilentz The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) and the Sex Workers’ Alliance Ireland (SWAI) are part of a larger, integrated movement for…

Strike 4 Repeal

  August 26th, 1970, the United States. 24th October 1975, Iceland. 3rd October 2016, Poland. 19th October 2016, Argentina. On each of these dates, in each of these countries, thousands…

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My Bodily Autonomy, My Choice

I just got my organ donor card in the post. As with far too many things, I had been intending to do it for a very long time, but had…


Abortion Rights Campaign analysis of Saturday 7 January session of the Citizens’ Assembly

  As we have done before, this weekend we followed the livestream of the Citizens’ Assembly (CA) proceedings as they met for the second time to discuss the Eighth Amendment….