Day 6: 8 Censored Books. 8 Days to Repeal the 8th

Day 6 of our 8 Censored Books where each day on the run up to our event with US author and journalist Katha Pollitt, Abortion Rights Campaign will be highlighting the 8 books that are censored in Ireland. Every book that is censored in Ireland is due to content about abortion. So check back here for tomorrow’s book and let us know what you think at @freesafelegal and using #RepealThe8th or #8Books8Days hashtags. 

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Graham Masterton
(London: W.H. Allen, 1983)

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! You’d think from the title of this obscure ’80s tome of vice and debauchery that sex was something to be enjoyed! Over the years this depraved divil Graham Masterton has firmly established himself as a prolific filth-merchant. Among Mr Masterton’s myriad published titles is Isn’t It Time You Did Something Kinky? Indeed!

Published the year of the passing of the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, ARC cannot vouch for the literary merits of this book of sexual instruction, suffice to say that the quiet disappearance of this book from Irish bookshop shelves was perhaps not as culturally or historically significant as the book-burning (no, really, literal book-burning) and banishing of Ireland’s literary greats of the mid-20th century. (Howaya, Edna O’Brien.)