Day 5: 8 Censored Books. 8 Days to Repeal the 8th

Day 5 of our 8 Censored Books where each day on the run up to our event with US author and journalist Katha Pollitt, Abortion Rights Campaign will be highlighting the 8 books that are censored in Ireland. Every book that is censored in Ireland is due to content about abortion. So check back here for tomorrow’s book and let us know what you think at @freesafelegal and using #RepealThe8th or #8Books8Days hashtags. 




The Censorship of Publications Board’s register provides scant detail about this book. The title might refer to another book by David Delvin, whom we met yesterday, in which case the Board has artfully truncated the title from The Complete Guide to Sex and Loving, almost as if to justify its banning of this particular title. But we at ARC must admit to being left a little mystified by this gnomic entry in the dusty ledgers of the Board’s register of dirty bukes.