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Alliance for Choice

Will you give to the #ImALife crowdfunder today?

Alliance for Choice, our sister campaign for free safe and legal abortion in Northern Ireland, is crowdfunding all this month to help remove the abortion ban still in place there….

Northern Ireland access

Let’s talk about: Accessible abortion for people living in Northern Ireland

As services are being rolled out in the Republic, it has emerged that people living in Northern Ireland will be charged €450 (in line with what providers receive from the…

safe access zones

Let’s talk about: Why Safe Access Zones are urgently needed outside health care facilities providing abortion

When the people of Ireland voted for abortion services at home, we were promised those services would be safe and accessible. After a long history of shame and hypocrisy on…


Let’s Talk About: Privacy and Abortion

The legislation currently being debated in the Oireachtas will determine our ability to access abortion care for years to come, so it is essential that we work together to get…

Take Action! Letters to the Editor

Take Action! How to Write a Letter to the Editor in Five Easy Steps Now that the Oireachtas is debating the legislation to allow for abortion access, it is essential…