Will you give to the #ImALife crowdfunder today?

Alliance for Choice, our sister campaign for free safe and legal abortion in Northern Ireland, is crowdfunding all this month to help remove the abortion ban still in place there. Their work includes advocacy, outreach and education in Northern Ireland and beyond. You can help by donating what you can here.

The crowdfunding campaign brings to life a real story through a music video by artist Isobel Anderson “_4284_ / I’m A Life”. The story centres on Janet, who travelled to England for an abortion, with the lyrics based on her own words; “You can try and shame me, but you forgot I’m a life…”.  This powerful video illustrates the harm caused by laws which continue to control the lives and bodies of women and pregnant people in NI.

In the South, we saw how real people’s stories moved voters in the repeal referendum campaign. Alliance for Choice wish to facilitate workshops bringing the stories of abortion seekers to people across Northern Ireland. If they raise their target they will also crucially be able to extend their outreach to the UK where they need people to urge their MPs in the British Parliament to vote for a change.

With your help, Alliance for Choice can work to ensure the North is next for abortion rights.