Why I’m Marching – I can’t vote, and I can’t travel by Emily Waszak

In this series of blogposts, pro-choice people tell us why they are marching in order to encourage those who may be thinking about coming to their first March on September 26th.

Image by Andrew Flood

Image by Andrew Flood

I’m marching because as a migrant non-citizen living in Ireland, I don’t have a vote. I don’t have the right to make my own decisions about my reproductive health. I don’t have the means to travel for an abortion. And I don’t have a vote.

I’ve had an abortion, as have many, but personally I am not marching for the safe and legal abortion that I had. I’m marching for the abortion that I might need in the future. I’m marching for everyone who needs or wants an abortion and currently has no free, safe and/or legal means of getting one.

So on election day, my vote won’t be counted. But on the 26th of September I will vote with each step that I take and each chant that I roar. And I’ll be joined by thousands in solidarity. Hopefully you’ll be marching beside me.