Speak for Choice: Call for Submissions

After you’re done Speaking with Your Feet or if you can’t make it into Dublin until the early evening, you are invited to an evening of abortion stigma-busting, workshops, speak-out, comedy, and music.

Speak for Choice will take place at Filmbase from 7pm on 27th September.

After last year’s landmark Speak Out, this year Speak for Choice will take place after the public march as another way to Speak Out for Choice in Ireland.

Speak for Choice will normalise the topic of abortion and celebrate its honest discussion, all within a safe environment that privileges sharing not debate. You can Speak Out here about personal experience of abortion, or of personal experiences in pro-choice activism. The event will provide a safe space to speak out and articulate your experiences and views  as we celebrate how individuals have expressed their protest of the 8th Amendment and how networks of support and activism have formed. You are invited to share your personal anecdotes, essays, music, artwork and short films about your abortion and your pro-choice activism on the night.


1. We are calling for submissions on the topic of primary and secondary experiences of abortion and material related to the importance, relevance or difficulty of overcoming its stigma, of being pro-choice, and of speaking out about abortion (particularly as a woman living under Irish law). Examples of submissions might include, but are not limited to, the following: the first time you understood how the 8th amendment affects you, how you reached out to people when you were organising an abortion you had, a conversation with your parents about abortion, when your mother/aunt/sister told you she had an abortion etc.

2. If you have any artefacts or tokens that represent your activism, you can also join the Speak Out by sharing those artefacts with us to install ahead of time or to add on the night.

Submissions; in the form of text, expression of interest in speaking on the day or links to audio or visual material; can be sent to [email protected] by 5pm Sunday 21st September.

Contact [email protected] with any questions about submissions or the Speak Out. All other questions about the events of the weekend can be directed to [email protected]