March for Choice Slogans and Chants

We’ve come up with some great new chants to use in this year’s March for Choice – get practicing!


     Use your voice, time for choice

     Don’t wait, repeal the 8th

     No more women on the boat, now it’s time to call a vote

     Leo, Leo take note, the people of Ireland want a vote

     Hey Varadkar hear our cry, while you ignore us, women die

     Tick tock, it’s repeal o’clock

     Women’s rights are human rights

     My body, not yours

     Keep your rosaries off our ovaries

     My body, my choice

     Time to repeal the 8th, later will be too late

     Later will be too late, women must decide their fate

     Nananana nananana hey Leo, repeal (sung)

Chants image

     Sick of waiting, sick of your spiel, sick of stigma, we want repeal

     Time to repeal, time to act, time to take our bodies back

     Hear our voice, this is what we feel, there’s just one choice, we want repeal

     Fuck your bromance and your socks, don’t send women to the docks

     Leo, Leo see the light, give all women human rights

     In women we trust

     Hear us now, hear us clear, the time for a referendum is here

     It’s time to choo chooo choooose choice

     Ten a day, let them stay