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Kate and family

Why I’m Marching: For Our Future

We are getting so excited for the ARC March for Choice on Saturday September 29th. We have been sharing blogposts which describe what this March means to our members. In this…

Anna Carnegie image

Why I am marching: I am marching for barrier-free access to abortion

As we do every year, we’ve been asking you to tell us why you are marching in this year’s March for Choice. Thanks to all who have sent us your…

Alliance for Choice

Press release: All-island abortion access welcomed by the Abortion Rights Campaign

The Abortion Rights Campaign welcome Minister Harris’s commitment to ensuring that people from Northern Ireland will be able to access abortion services in the Republic. Although this is a welcome…

Press Release: Historic day as Ireland emphatically votes to remove the 8th amendment

“We’re overjoyed with the result, and so proud to have been one of the three core organisations in Together for Yes” said ARC spokesperson Linda Kavanagh in Dublin this afternoon….

I’m a Mother, I’m a Catholic, and I’m Voting YES

Abortion has been happening in Ireland all my life. It’s time we accepted that and cared for women properly here at home. As a 64 year old Catholic woman with…