Can you help monitor the Citizens Assembly meetings?

The Abortion Rights Campaign welcomes members of the public to be our eyes and ears as the Citizens Assembly meetings get underway this coming Saturday.

How can you help? It’s easy! As you watch the live stream at pop an email to [email protected] with observations to blog, points to fact check, or anything of note. The more people keeping and eye on the process, the better we can respond to issues that arise from this process.

Please share and encourage your social media followers to do the same. Thanks.

Please try to use these categories to frame your observations.

Observer (your name, incase needed for clarification) Contributer (i.e. speaker, participant, expert, chair etc. include name and organisational affiliation if any) Contribution (Summary of what they said) Actions for ARC to carry out (i.e. fact-check, respond on social media, correct misinformation, address in policy submisson etc.) Time of Contribution (incase needed for reference)