Write to your TD about Mental Health Act sectioning case

Like all of you, we at ARC are appalled and disgusted by today’s report that a young girl was sectioned under the Mental Health Act rather than being able to access an abortion. Read our press release here.

We’ve put together this brief template for you to use to write to your TDs about this. Let them know that as a constituent you won’t stand for inaction any longer. Use https://whoismytd.com/ to find names and contact details of your local representatives.

Dear Deputy [Name]

I am appalled at the report that a child was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and left unable to access an abortion that she qualified for under the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act. This law has been repeatedly proved to be not fit for purpose, as this case and that of Ms Y show. This current case has terrifying echoes of the case of Ms X in 1992. How, after 25 years, can we have progressed so little? 

The failure of the PLDPA in this and other cases shows that exceptions-based access to abortion (risk to life, risk to health, rape, incest etc.) will not work in this country. It is essential that a referendum to fully repeal (not amend) the Eighth Amendment is held as soon as possible. After that, we need legislation that guarantees barrier-free access to abortion for all who need it. The findings of the Citizens’ Assembly show that the Irish people, when given a chance to study the issue closely, come down on the side of progressive, liberal abortion law. 

Please listen to the Citizens’ Assembly and to me, your constituent, and do all in your power to bring about a referendum and proper, barrier-free access to abortion. This issue is not ‘divisive’ and we will not stand for another 25 years of prevarication.

I look forward to your response,

Kind regards,

[Your Name]