Why we’re marching: choice for all at home

As we do every year, we’ve been asking you to tell us why you are marching in this year’s March for Choice. Thanks to all who have sent us your thoughts. In this post, Ash, who lives in the UK, talks about her recent abortion and how much she appreciated having a free choice. We are marching so that everyone in Ash’s situation gets the same choice. 
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“I am not glorifying this…This is not something that is given to women ‘on tap.’ But what I will glorify loud and clear is that the CHOICE is so important”

I am a 26 year old Irish woman from Cork, currently living in the UK. I work full-time and have a good job. 4 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. Of course I had the classic ‘OH GOD!’ moment but instantly in my bones I knew it wasn’t right and this was not my time for an infant in my life.

I went to my consultation for a termination on the 11th. Let me tell you that abortions in England are not handed out like sweets. I was questioned for nearly an hour about my reasons for my decision before being given the go ahead for the termination.

On the 21st of September I arrived with my partner to go ahead with everything. I was again questioned and everything was double-checked before they would even take me to my bed.

My experience was nothing I expected. The staff made me feel at home, they were absolutely amazing. I had a surgical abortion where I was put to sleep for about 20 minutes and had a coil fitted during the process. They monitored me all day, they chatted with me and they made me feel so at home. My whole family lives in Ireland so to go through something like this without my mum, dad or my sisters and come out the other end okay means the world to me. Also having my partner with me who was so supportive and amazing helped too!

I am not glorifying this- and let me tell you if I fell pregnant again in a year’s time I would not have another abortion. This is not something that is given to women ‘on tap.’ But what I will glorify loud and clear is that the CHOICE is so important.  

I have come out of this today, with a new personal experience in something I have always felt strongly about, but now more than ever I can’t stress enough how much we need this in Ireland.
I am now, more than ever, disgusted that we are still fighting for this. This was my choice, my body and no one was harmed by my decision. Everyone can get on with their daily lives and be none the wiser to the hard decision I had to make.

This movement is now personal to me, an Irish person living in the UK who was able to access an abortion and be so well taken care of. I feel for everyone, absolutely everyone who has to travel or who are stuck and things turn out for the worst.

– Ash, UK


Image: March for Choice 2016. Credit: Renee Summers