Want to have fun this summer and help us raise some money?

The Abortion Rights Campaign is a grassroots organization. We didn’t get any seed money to start up, we don’t have large corporate donors, we don’t get people throwing gala benefits for us (wish we did) and we don’t have any millionaires funding us.

Any money which we have been lucky to get has mostly been from people donating what they can via paypal, or money from table quizzes or from donation buckets at demos or marches. But another wonderful way has been people donating their time. The Workers Beer company last year offered us slots with them.

How that works is, the Workers Beer Company a not for profit organisation that runs bars at festivals. Instead of hiring staff the Workers Beer Company bar’s are staffed by volunteers and the amount that the WBC would have spent on wages is donated to the good cause that the volunteer is supporting at festivals and gigs and their wages are then donated to a cause of their choosing. Last summer so many wonderful people did just this, they gave of their time, got to go to gigs and festivals and donated their wages to the Abortion Rights Campaign.

So this year we are pleased to announce that again the Workers Beer Company has slots open for people who want to work with them and donate to ARC.  You must be over 18, most of the slots are this year for gigs and events in Dublin. If you are interested please fill out this forum and we will be in touch.


Sign ups close at 11:59pm Saturday 12th of April 2014.