Vote Pro-Choice



Ireland is coming into an election year — Candidates hoping to secure your vote in the 2016 General Election have already begun knocking on doors and asking for your vote. If you want to elect  a candidate who will Repeal the 8th Amendment, you must register to vote!

Thousands of people registered last year for the Marriage Equality referendum but you should Check the Register to make sure you are on it, and avoid the more complicated supplementary register process. Over 60,000 people turned 18 in the last year and will be eligible to vote if their birthday falls on or before February 15 2016. Forty percent of young people said in a recent poll that abortion would sway their vote!

If you find you are not on the register, or have changed address – you can download the necessary paperwork here. Once completed, simply return it to your Local Authority — a list can be found here.

Candidates will often use the register to see who can vote for them before going door to door.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make sure they know you want to Repeal the 8th and come election day – you’ll be voting for a Pro-Choice candidate.