The Sunroof Boys Club

Figure eight on a maroon background with "Repealed 25th May 2018" across it in white text

Emer Nolan

In December 2017  we moved back to my native Kildare after 10 years in Dublin. I wanted to meet like minded people and when the South Kildare group looked for new members I jumped at the chance.

I met the girls and started to canvass on March 2018 with severe morning sickness.

I got through the rough canvass days and had a laugh along the way. It turns out I wasn’t the only pregnant canvasser! There was 3of us, we stopped for a million toilet breaks and had many an emotional conversation on the doors. 

We got on so well and were due within wks of each other. Fast forward to January 2019, we had 3 healthy boys all my failed induction and emergency c section. The Sunroof Boys club was born. 

We have been each others supports and counsellors through it all. We bf our boys and talked through night feeds, leaps and the milestones. We have celebrated the big and the small together. I could never ask for more and I never would have met them without repeal!

To Éadaoin Hunston and Áine Cullen, I will be forever grateful. Missing you guys and the lads so much during lock down.