Tell us what you want from the #RepealReview

Repeal Review text overlayed above image of two hands in a 'pinky swear'

To mark the fourth anniversary of Ireland repealing the 8th, we’re inviting you to share your hopes for the outcome of the review of the operation of the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Act 2018. What improvements are needed to ensure abortion services meet the standard of international medical best practice? What still needs to happen to make abortion services free, safe, legal, and local for everyone who wants or needs them? 

On May 25th 2018, the vote was not the end of our fight. Repealing the 8th was only ever the beginning. As we see the rolling back of hard-worn reproductive rights in America, Poland and other countries, we know that we have to fight to defend the restrictive abortion access that we currently have and expand access to abortion services. With the review, we have the opportunity to fix the issues within the legislation and make abortions available for everyone who wants or needs them.


It’s not easy being an activist, a person who can become pregnant or part of the LGBTQI+ community at the moment. While it is important we keep our voices in the public, that doesn’t always have to be your voice. If this is not good for you to do right now, please look after yourself first. 

Want to share your story? 

If you have a “What I want from the review” story you’d like us to share as a blog post on our website or social media, email it to: [email protected] with ‘Review Story’ in the subject heading. Keep written stories under 800 words and videos (including captions) under 1 minute. Please feel free to include pictures to accompany your story! We will try to publish as many as possible. 

We will copy-edit stories to correct any typos. Sometimes, we may suggest more substantial edits (e.g. to remove identifying features of other people mentioned). These will be discussed with you before publication.