Tell a Fine Gael TD: Day 1 Lucinda Creighton

Take One Minute to Ring, Email, Tweet, Post, or Visit for Choice today!

Starting today and running through next Wednesday we will be focusing on one TD a day, telling them in every medium we have available that women in Ireland need abortion legislation and need that legislation to address real concerns, real needs. We aim to make it very clear to these elected officials, while they makes decisions on the Heads of Bill and vote, that the constituencies and country they come from want legal abortion and legislation to makes that possible. Below we have sample tweets, posts, emails, and messages you can send and clinic hours where relevant. Join us in sharing the reality of pro-choice views with Minister Lucinda Creighton.

for women getting elected but not elective abortions

The Minister of State for European Affairs speaks to women about how to get elected. She asserts that Ireland is a great place to be a woman but has been outspoken in her opposition to abortion.

As a member of Fine Gael and an outspoken opponent of abortion in Ireland, Lucinda Creighton needs to know, from the people she serves and represents, just how important real, powerful legislation for abortion is to the people she was elected to represent. As the week goes on we will focus on Fine Gael TDs from different areas, with different views but our main message is the same: We want legislation for abortion, legislation that provides for the health and rights of women, and we want Lucinda Creighton to know that we want that abortion access in Ireland.

Tell Fine Gael TD Creighton that having access to abortion in Ireland is important to you

Join as we all make the strong pro-choice voice in Ireland heard. Feel free to share your own views and ideas or have a lend of our sample messages that we included with the contact details below.

Lucinda Creighton, TD for Dublin South-East and Minister of State for European Affairs, can be contacted in all of the following ways:

1. On Twitter: @lcreighton

She has been quite active on twitter in the past.

Example Tweet: Attn Fine Gael TD @lcreighton: I want abortion in Ireland accessible for all women who want & need it. #ProChoice_ie #reprorights

2. By phone: (01) 6194561

You can ring up her office to either discuss the issue with herself or her staff, or you can leave a message.

Example Message: I am ringing to let Deputy Creighton know that access to abortion in Ireland is important to me. I want the rights and health of women respected. I want abortion in Ireland, and I call on Minister Creighton to support legislation that will allow women to get the health services they need in Ireland.

3. By visiting her clinic hours tonight:

St. Andrews Resource Centre,
114 Pearse St,
Dublin 2.
Every Thursday – 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Ringsend Community Centre,
Thorncastle St,
Dublin 4.
Every Thursday – 7:00pm to 8:00pm

4. By email: [email protected]

Example email:

Dear Minister Creighton:

I am writing to inform you that access to abortion in Ireland is important to me. I want the rights and health of women respected; I want abortion in Ireland. I call on you to hear the thousands of men and women who want legislation on abortion without bureaucracy and complicated contingencies, to hear the thousands of women who have risked their health and livelihoods to travel to other parts of Europe to get the procedure they need. I call on you to respond to those needs by ceasing your opposition to legislation that will make abortion accessible for women in Ireland.


[your name]

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 of Tell a Fine Gael TD Week.