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Paula Dennan, ARC co-convener, is wearing a blue REPEAL necklace and has multiple Repeal the 8th themed badges pinned to her navy jacket.

What I Want From the #RepealReview: A full-throated defence of abortion rights

Paula Dennan is a founding member of Kerry for Choice and the current co-convener of the Abortion Rights Campaign.  What do I want from the #RepealReview? The same thing I,…

Two hands holding little fingers in a pinky swear on a green and yellow circle. background is white with stars. Text reads: Repeal Review.

A law which provides abortions only for certain people and only in ‘special’ circumstances is not fit for purpose

By Anna Carnegie, Rachel Roth, Aideen O’Shaughnessy and Lorraine Grimes  On April 1st, the review into the operation of the Health (Termination of Pregnancy) Act 2018 closed for public submissions….

What I Want From the #RepealReview: Same thing I wanted 4 years ago, free, safe, legal, local and accessible healthcare

Darina Murray is the current co-convener of the Abortion Rights Campaign. It’s 4 years since we repealed the 8th, and what do I want from the review? Same thing I…

A woman looking up and off to the side with her arms outstretched. She is wearing a pastel blue tshirt with a Repeal the 8th themed design on it.

What I Want From the #RepealReview: I want all the barriers gone – financial, geographical, and legislative

Helen Stonehouse is a queer neurodivergent mama and ARC member. What do I want from the #RepealReview? That’s a simple (and complicated) question. Simply put, I want what I’ve always…