Contact your TDs: Suicidal women should have to see no more than two Doctors to procure an abortion which they are constitutionally entitled to

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Dear Deputy [INSERT NAME],

I welcome the commitment of the Government to introduce legislation to allow abortion where there is a real and substantial risk to the women.

The Minister for Health James Reilly must as a matter of urgency see that this legislation and that the recommendations made following the inquest in to the death of Savita Halappanavar are enacted and implemented – Women in Ireland deserve nothing less. Pregnant women and their doctors should not be left in this legal nightmare.

However, any legislation concerning this must be drafted in a way that is woman-centred and ensures that those who are constitutionally entitled to have an abortion can practically access it. Proposals suggesting that six psychiatrists are needed to approve abortion for a suicidal woman are cruel and impracticalI believe this is a decision between a woman and her doctor. Where a second opinion is needed, no more than two medical professionals should be involved in assessment. This legislation will be meaningless if women with life threatening conditions are compelled to jump through an endless series of hoops and interviews with multiple panels of psychiatrists. It will merely act as a barrier to women receiving necessary health care.

I am asking you as my public representative to ensure that this legislation is humane; in enacted before the summer and decriminalises abortion where there is a risk to the life of a woman including that of suicide.