PRESS RELEASE: Poll results show people in Ireland want abortion access without restriction

poll iage

The Red C poll released by Amnesty International today shows that a majority of people in Ireland (60%) want abortion care without restrictions as to reasons, at least until specific gestational limits. The questions in the poll were based on the recommendations of the Citizens Assembly and closely mirror the findings there.  

Linda Kavanagh, spokesperson for the Abortion Rights Campaign, said “People in Ireland want all healthcare provided in a private and dignified manner, free from judgement. Currently the 8th Amendment stands in the way of that by forcing people to travel abroad for abortion care or remain pregnant against their will. Abortion care without restrictions to reasons means that we can all get the care we need without forcing people through onerous barriers such as rape, incest and fatal foetal abnormality clauses”.

She continued “Imposed gestational limits are political and moral barriers, they are not based on expert medical advice. There should be no time limits imposed when seeking healthcare, which is why we do not advocate for gestational limits, and there is significant support for this position – as these latest poll results clearly indicate. We are therefore campaigning to repeal the 8th Amendment and allow broad based access. Free, safe and legal abortion for anyone who wants or needs one means so no one will be left behind.”