Press release: ARC welcomes abortion legislation signed into law

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Abortion Rights Campaign welcome new legislation being signed into law and highlight more still to do

Now, as the Termination of Pregnancy Bill is signed into law, the Abortion Rights Campaign acknowledge the monumental effort, determination and persistence it has taken to get to this point in our history.

“Since our beginnings, the Abortion Rights Campaign has been fighting for free, safe, legal abortion access for anyone who needs or wants it, and we shall continue to do so” said spokesperson Richael Carroll. “Although this legislation will not ensure free, safe and legal abortion for all, it is an important step on the path towards full reproductive rights for women and pregnant people in Ireland.”

Carroll continued “we thank every activist, every person who told their story, everyone who contributed to the campaign to repeal the 8th and every single person who voted yes on the 25th of May. Together, we changed history. We also remember the hurt and devastation caused by Ireland’s past and look forward to what we hope will be a brighter future for pregnant people in this country.

We think of the people who have travelled today. For those who will continue to travel everyday until services are enacted – and thereafter if they fall outside the tight constraints of the law.

The fight is far from over. As we celebrate the fact that some abortions are to become free, safe and legal, we look to our comrades in the North and globally, who are still battling for basic reproductive freedoms. We stand beside them and acknowledgement that we are not free until we are all free.”

The Abortion Rights Campaign look forward to meaningful abortion access being available in Ireland, and welcome the news that the majority of counties and maternity hospitals are ready to start providing abortion services from January. However,  Carroll goes on to say “this legislation is far from perfect, as we have highlighted countless times throughout this process. We remain concerned about gaps in service provision that will leave vulnerable and marginalised people unable to access abortion within the restrictive legislative framework.”

“We will continue to fight for abortion provision across the island of Ireland which is free, safe, legal and local in the true sense of the words. Until no one is left behind. We will settle for no less.”