Press Release: Abortion must be decriminalised

The Abortion Rights Campaign calls on Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Health, to decriminalise abortion now.  

“Pregnant people in the most difficult of circumstances are still being forced to leave this country for abortions because helping someone to access abortion remains a crime, carrying a 14-year prison sentence, three years after we voted to legalise it. This must stop” said Bernie Linnane, spokesperson for the Abortion Rights Campaign. 

“We have already seen what tragedy can result when doctors feel their hands are tied by the law. It must never be allowed to happen again.” added Ms Linnane. 

We know that patients suffer when doctors are reluctant. One participant in our research said “Due to the Irish health system my abortion was very traumatic and it didn’t need to be… They [the doctors] admitted to protecting their interests above my health even when I got an infection and could have died having decaying tissue in my body for an additional 12 weeks after the initial termination.”

The Abortion Rights Campaign demands that abortion as a criminal offence is removed from our statute books so that people can be allowed to access the care they need, at home.


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The Abortion Rights Campaign will be launching the results of research into people’s experiences accessing abortion in Ireland on 22nd September 2021 at 11am

The Abortion Rights Campaign will be holding a demonstration at the Dáil to mark the 10th Annual March for Choice on Saturday 25th September at 2pm

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