Press release: 100 Days Later: Nothing has changed for abortion access in Ireland


It has been 100 days since we voted Yes, by an overwhelming majority, to repeal the 8th Amendment.

“What’s changed since then? Sadly nothing” says Sarah Monaghan, spokesperson for the Abortion Rights Campaign. “We’ve seen the publication of draft legislation and legal challenges to the 66.4% Yes vote. And in that time, it is estimated that more than 1000 people have travelled to obtain the healthcare that they should have been receiving  at home. More still have imported pills, which are safe but still illegal, risking prosecution.”

“The Abortion Rights Campaign calls for immediate action to ease the burden on pregnant people who need abortion care and to prepare for the introduction of quality, accessible abortion services at home. The Regulation of Information Act should be immediately repealed, along with the provision of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act which imposes a fourteen year sentence on a person who induces an abortion or assists someone in doing so. Training of medical professionals to provide abortion care and licensing of medications required should commence immediately. Abortion is a time-sensitive procedure and every delay means more people having to travel abroad or seek safe but illegal abortion pills at home. Ireland has been waiting 35 years for change and we can wait no longer.”

On the 29th of September the Abortion Rights Campaign is organising the 7th Annual March for Choice, to compel the Irish government to implement real change, to call for decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland, and to call for free, safe and legal abortion access for everyone who wants or needs it. We are currently running a crowdfund fundraising campaign until the end of Monday  to help with the cost of an accessible stage, essential logistics and advertising. You can donate here