Once Again, Poll Shows Majority Want To See Change To Abortion Laws

– 3rd March 2017 –
For Immediate Release

Once Again, Poll Shows Majority Want To See Change To Abortion Laws

The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) welcomes results from the latest Ipsos/Irish Times poll which show that the vast majority of people in Ireland want to see a change to our abortion laws.

Speaking today, ARC spokesperson Linda Kavanagh said: “It is clear that the anti-choice position is losing ground, with only 10% of people indicating that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances.”

The poll also indicates many people think reforming the 8th Amendment may be preferable to repealing it, something ARC has grave concerns about. Ms Kavanagh continued: “None of the pro-choice groups presenting at this weekend’s Citizens’ Assembly advocate keeping the 8th Amendment. Reproductive rights do not belong in the Constitution and trying to fudge the issue by making alterations to the existing amendment will only cause even more legal and medical complications.

“Also, the results indicating preference for ‘exceptions-based’ framework show that people are not aware how unworkable things like rape clauses are in reality. Women shouldn’t be expected to justify their private medical decisions to a panel, the choice should always between the pregnant person and their doctor.

“Most importantly, anything less than repeal will not help the majority of people who need to access abortions who are currently forced to travel or illegally import abortion pills at risk of a jail sentence. Our own submission to the Citizens’ Assembly outlines why broad access that is free, safe and legal is the gold standard for Irish abortion law.”



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