My Body, My Choice, My Vote: ARC’s General Election Pack

This is where you will find all our General Election assets as they are released. You can download, print them off, and use them at home.

Please click on the link below the image to open up a printable pdf.

checklist 2016






















Click here to download: checklist 2016



Click here to download: theysaywesay2


Click here to download: FAQs

Guide to politics

Click here to download: Guide to politics

PLDPA2 Click here to download: PLDPA

Abortion legal position p1 Click here to download: Abortion legal position p1

Election Pack folder single-1 Click here to download: Election Pack folder single


Click here to download: r8window1 cropped


Click here to download: r8window3 cropped

my body my choice a4

Click here to download: my body my choice 1

their body their choice a42

Click here to download:  her body her choice 2

their body their choice a43

Click here to download:  their body their choice

MyBody-1Click here to download: MyBody


Click here to download: HerBody

MyBody-3Click here to download: TheirBody