Want to donate to the March for Choice Crowdfund?

Today we are launching an urgent fundraising appeal for the 7th Annual March for Choice.

On the 25th of May, the pro-choice movement in Ireland achieved something extraordinary. We came together with people from all over the country to say YES to safe and accessible healthcare, in Ireland. But the fight is not over.

Three months after we voted, no legislation has been brought to the Dáil to introduce abortion services or to ease the burden on people who need abortions. In Northern Ireland, we are still calling for change.

Every day, people still have to travel abroad or take safe but illegal pills. They do so at their own expense and risk their health and well-being because there are no safe and legal services here in Ireland. In the last three months since we voted, at least one thousand people have been denied legal abortion care at home.

That is why we are organising the 7th Annual March for Choice as a call for action and a show of solidarity with all impacted by anti-choice laws around the world. The March will take place in Dublin on the 29th of September, to mark International Safe Abortion Day.

We know that people from marginalised communities, including young people, migrants, asylum seekers, people with disabilities, people living in rural areas, people living in controlling relationships, trans and non-binary people, and people without financial resources are disproportionately impacted by the continued lack of abortion access in Ireland.

The goal of the March for Choice is to give people who need abortion access a voice, and to rally the call for Free, Safe and Legal abortion services for all who want or need them.

As you may know, a huge amount of behind the scenes work goes into organising the March for Choice. As an all-volunteer organisation we are really proud of what we have achieved each year, and we hope this year we can make the March for Choice even better. We need to raise money for a high-quality sound system and fully accessible stage, so everyone who marches can see and hear our wonderful speakers, and so the all politicians can hear us too!!

But, we cannot do it alone.

We know that Ireland is pro-choice and Ireland wants real change.

We are asking our members and supporters who can afford to do so, to donate to our crowdfund to help us pay for the essential logistics and an accessible stage for the March. We hope your energy and support will help us raise €10,000 this week, to make this dream a reality.

To donate please go to crowdfund.abortionrights.ie

Thank you.