Let’s win where it matters – Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Ireland!

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The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) are calling on world leaders to secure and safeguard Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). Today, May 13th is a Global Day of Action. Across the world — in over 100 countries, affiliated groups are calling on world leaders to secure and support basic sexual and reproductive rights.

To observe SRHR Global Action day 2014 the Abortion Rights Campaign invites you to drop by our street stall on Saturday May 17th at Bank of Ireland College Green where you can ‘Join the Winning Team’ and sign our ARC football as a gesture of your commitment to help us achieve our core SRHR goal; the Repeal of the 8th Amendment from the Irish Constitution through a referendum.

In 2000 world leaders made a global commitment to reduce extreme poverty by 2015 – the targets set became known as the ‘Millennium Development Goals.’ These goals included poverty reduction, education and health — yet reproductive health was not included until 2007. In order to achieve the agreed Millennium Development Goals for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights world leaders will have to work beyond the original deadline of 2015 until 2020. 

IPPF Director General Tewodros Melesse said: “The next few years will see the end of a series of international commitments and the development of new ones for post 2015. This presents us with an unparalleled opportunity to secure a world of justice, choice and well-being for all people”

To achieve full Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Ireland, the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution must be repealed.

For more information on the IPPF ‘Vision 2020’ campaign visit their site or watch their information video

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