I’d call every door again

Group selfie of a Dundalk canvassing team during the campaign to repeal the 8th

Syd Delz, Convenor of Dundalk for Choice / Together for Yes
Chair of still existing Dundalk for change. 

Two years feel like a lifetime and sometimes just seconds away. I still know where the people live who shouted at us, but I also see faces smiling at us even now. My story began or let’s say restarted as many a foreigner’s coming from a country with abortion access, I was pregnant. I realized quickly the 8th amendment had large greedy octopus arms into every aspect of a pregnant persons life here so quickly ended up with Parents for choice. There was no group in Dundalk so two of us started meeting, then four thanks to some encouragement from Stephie a town over. 
It was long months of meetings in a small coffee shop, huddled together in a corner with self made leaflets and small events in a record shop that didn’t want us gone and dared to align its business with abortion rights until the referendum was called. 
Numbers grew and we outgrew the coffee shop, the people showed up one by one. One more every stall. We can say we called every door, spoke to everyone with the will to listen. We also heard every terrible thing one human can say to another and I realise I accelerate my walk seeing some doors or faces still. It’s not forgiven, that gap won’t close, it’s not just over. But two years on with many new found friends in “da town” and our children facing a better future I’d do it all over again. I’d call every door again. It’s not over we still got work to do so one day really no pregnant person is left behind cause despite the referendum we still leave so many pregnant people behind.