Are you going to Vote Pro Choice?

On May 23rd many of you will vote in the Local and European elections and in the Dublin West and Longford/Westmeath by elections. ARC have been asking you to ‘Question your Candidate‘ and would love to hear how those interactions are going!  Lets us know on Facebook or Twitter #VoteProChoice #le14 #ep14

Are the people we elect to represent us Pro Choice? 

It’s important to know. We need to elect representatives who will stand up for women’s health and rights and work to ensure they are protected in the future. There must be no roll-back on the limited provisions for legal terminations that we have.

Why ask potential MEPs if they are pro choice?

Policies set in the European Parliament effect us in Ireland. Failed by our constitution – women have again and again  taken cases to the European Court of Human Rights trying to secure access to health care that is needed in Ireland.

Will the candidate you vote for join anti-abortion alliances or will they work in Europe on your behalf and help defend the rights of women in countries like Spain, Northern Ireland, and Poland?

Why ask potential councillors if they are pro choice?

Many of the candidates running in the local elections are members of political parties and will interact regularly with their local TD. They will participate in conversations that help shape a Party’s stance on abortion. Councils have passed motions in opposition to any kind of legislation on abortion.

Why ask potential TDs if they are pro choice?

So we can elect TDs who understand the urgent need to Repeal the 8th amendment. TDs who can confidently act in accordance with the wishes of the majority of people in Ireland.

Well over 150,000 women have had to travel to the UK to access abortion since 1980 and that number grows larger with every passing day. We waited 20 years for legislation on the X case — let your candidates know that you expect them to Vote Pro Choice.