ARC welcomes General Scheme of the Health (Termination of Pregnancy Services (Safe Access Zones)) Bill

Image of a uterus on a green background/sphere with two hands wresting on the edges of the background

The Abortion Rights Campaign welcomes the general scheme of the Health (Termination of Pregnancy Services (Safe Access Zones)) Bill, which was published on the 5th August 2022. The bill clearly outlines actions that are prohibited and sets out penalties for non-compliance with future law. We look forward to the enactment of this bill which will create a robust legal framework to guide our criminal justice system if and when protests continue. 

We are confident that the comprehensive nature of the bill is in part a result of consistent pressure from the many reproductive rights activists that continue to campaign for better services in Ireland and particularly note the work of Together for Safety in pushing for legislation on safe access zones. 

We await completion of the review of the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Act 2018 and are optimistic its findings will bring Ireland in line with recently updated WHO guidelines on safe, legal, affordable abortion care

We also urge the government to address the growing number of rogue crisis pregnancy agencies active in Ireland at the movement. We urgently call for legislation to prevent these services from providing false, misleading and often harmful information.