Accessibility at the March for Choice 2022

The letters I S L in teal, purple, and maroon circles.

11th Annual March for Choice: Abortion on Demand, Without Apology 

Date: 24th September 2022 

Time: Assembling at 12.45 pm, rally commencing at 1 pm.

Place: Outside Leinster House, Kildare St., Dublin 2.


On Saturday, 24th September, the Abortion Rights Campaign will hold a static rally outside the Dáil to show the government that anything less than free, safe, legal, accessible and local abortions for everyone who needs them, when they need them, leaves far too many people behind.

As always, we want to make the March for Choice accessible to everyone who wants to attend. We know that the barriers to abortion access are often replicated in other spheres of life – including protest. We believe no one should be prevented or discouraged from attending the march due to accessibility issues. 

We will have accessibility stewards, sighted guides, and some seating for those needing it. As in previous years, we will have Irish Sign Language interpreters for the speeches. 

We will live stream the event on our social media pages to facilitate those unable to attend in person. 

Public Health

Mindful that we are still living through a global pandemic, we encourage all attendees to follow current public health advice to limit the spread of Covid-19. 

In an effort to make the march as safe and inclusive as possible, especially for people at higher risk of infection due to being chronically ill or disabled, we recommend mask-wearing. We will have some FFP2 masks available for people on the day.

Get in touch

If you are planning on attending the march and would like any accessibility assistance, please get in touch at: [email protected].

A digital map of how to get to the Dáil from Trinity College. There is a purple arrow pointing at Kildare St, the assembly point for the March for Choice. The words MARCH FOR CHOICE DEMO SAT 24TH SEPT DÁIL 12.45 are in the top right of the map. The Abortion Rights Campaign logo is in the bottom left.