Abortion Rights Campaign welcomes abortion access in Ireland for the first time


1st January 2019

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Abortion Rights Campaign welcomes abortion access in Ireland for the first time

Today marks the first day in the history of Ireland in which abortion is legally available.

Irish history is marred with the mistreatment and abuse of its women and girls. We have, over many generations, survived many painful punishments in a system that was viciously distrustful of women. The Eighth Amendment was one such tool of the church and state machine, designed to obstruct our access to human rights and dignity in healthcare.

Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) spokesperson Richael Carroll said “We have repealed the Eighth, the first of many steps towards not only progress for people in this country now and in future generations, but also towards restorative justice for all those who have suffered before.”

Although there are still arbitrary and unjustified restrictions and barriers to access, abortion is now legal in Ireland. On this historic day we look back to the struggles of those who came before us, and ahead to what we hope is a brighter future for human rights in Ireland.

“We now know that Ireland is pro-choice, and we look forward to a culture in which individual personal judgements have no place in the healthcare of other people.”

The Abortion Rights Campaign will continue its work to increase access to abortion across the island of Ireland. Our focus is on free, safe, legal, local abortion for anyone who chooses it, free from stigma, harassment and judgement.

“We will fight to decriminalise abortion completely, we will fight against punitive waiting periods, and we will work to remove any barriers to abortion for those who need it, whether legal, cultural, logistical, or financial. We stand in solidarity with pro-choice groups from across the globe and we will not stop until accessible and stigma-free abortion is a reality for all in need of it.”