8 Reasons to Repeal the 8th Amendment

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Here is a simple break down of why we need to repeal the 8th amendment of the constitution. It is by no means all of the reasons.

  1. The 8th Amendment equates the life of a woman to that of an embryo.
  2. The vast majority of women who want and need abortions are unable to access them in Ireland under interpretations of this law.
  3. Women have already died in Ireland having been denied life-saving abortion procedures.
  4. At least 150,000 women have travelled to other countries to procure abortions since 1980.
  5. Thousands of women are unable to travel for abortion services due to family, legal status, financial situation, or health.
  6. People who procure abortion within the country risk a 14 year jail term. Doctors can be jailed too.
  7. The majority of people in Ireland support much wider access to abortion than is permitted under the 8th Amendment.
  8. The life and health of a pregnant woman has a much greater value than our constitution places on it.

There are hundreds of thousands more reasons to repeal the 8th. Each of those 150,000+ reasons voted with their feet and travelled for abortion.