Press Release: Need for abortion care at home highlighted by freak weather says Abortion Rights Campaign

Need for abortion care at home highlighted by freak weather says Abortion Rights Campaign

The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) expresses concern for those affected by travel disruptions as they try to access healthcare in the UK.


ARC spokesperson Emma Allen said “Many of the 10 people who are forced to travel for healthcare every day have been left stranded, increasing the undue burden of having to access healthcare in another country, after the Red Weather Warning for Storm Emma lead to bus services and a number of flights to the U.K being cancelled.”


“The Abortion Support Network, who help arrange access to abortion care for those travelling to the UK, say several of their clients are caught in the chaos and have been forced to cancel appointments. They now face having to re-book accommodation, childcare, and time off work as they attempt to access healthcare that should be available here, at home, in Ireland.”


“Both the mental and physical health of a woman is at risk if she is forced to delay her procedure,” Ms Allen said, “not to mention the potential cost increase. These delays may also mean some of those attempting to access abortion care this week will fall outside of the the legal limits in the UK by the time they reschedule. Until the 8th Amendment is repealed and the Government puts in place legislation even a woman who is lucky enough to have the means, and legal papers, to be able to travel can still be prevented from accessing the care she needs on the whims of the weather.”


Ms Allen concluded “We also know that for every person who can travel, there are others who can not. We need to be realistic, and compassionate: we need safe and legal healthcare at home so people can have access to abortion care without worrying about flights, accommodation, and snow storms.”