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Dear ….

I am very worried about the amendment introduced which would make lawful abortions in NI illegal unless they were carried out on the NHS. Given the very limited circumstances in which a woman can lawfully have an abortion in NI, any further restriction would make it near impossible for a woman to access lawful medical procedures in NI. It is a deliberately anti-woman amendment and is designed to increase the difficulties NI women face in accessing lawful abortions in NI. Moreover, it places additional constraints on the medical profession within the private health care sector and further complicates the legal situation in providing for lawful abortions in NI. This is very worrying for a number of reasons – the most obvious being the failure of the NHS to cover all instances in which a termination may be legally conducted in NI.

I would ask you to support the women in NI and medical professionals and vote against this amendment.

Yours etc.

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