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Graphic of a pack of contraceptive pills, an interunterine device and a condom. ARC logo underneath.

Let’s talk about: why we need free contraception

In this blog post from our ‘Let’s talk about’ series, we talk about why ‘free, safe and legal’ is crucial for more than just abortion, and the importance of removing…

ARC Submission on Abortion Legislation

Below is a submission made to the Government by the Abortion Rights Campaign on the Health (Regulation of the Termination of Pregnancy) Bill 2018 on October 3, 2018 Submission on the…

Tell your TD why we need Free, Safe, Legal abortion

Over the coming days and weeks, as the Dáil debates legislation outlining how abortion services will be provided in Ireland, it will be more crucial than ever to get out…

March for Choice image

March for Choice 29th September

So we’ve repealed the 8th… but what’s next? Even though the referendum has finally been won (by a huge majority of 66.4%!) nothing practical has changed in Ireland. 10 people…

Michael Why I'm Marching image

Why I’m Marching: I am marching for a free, safe, honest health service

Once again, we’ve been asking you to tell us why you are marching in this year’s March for Choice, the first march after we voted to repeal the 8th Amendment….