Press release: Abortion Rights Campaign activists to join Alliance for Choice in Belfast to mark International Women’s Day

The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) will join Alliance for Choice and other pro-choice groups for the International Women’s Day rally in Belfast on March 9th, calling for free, safe and legal abortion services all over the island of Ireland.

ARC spokesperson Claire Brophy said:

“During the referendum campaign to repeal the 8th, campaigners from all over the North travelled across the border to join canvassing groups, they put aside their own fight for abortion services by dedicating all their energies into our struggle. They showed complete and unwavering solidarity throughout, returning it is the very least we can do”.

“Women and pregnant people in the North are being failed terribly on both sides of the water. Those wishing to access abortion in the Republic face prohibitive fees of up to €450, and a vista where travelling to Britain is a more viable option. Those who are unable to travel or afford the exorbitant fees in the south risk prosecution of up to life imprisonment for importing safe but illegal abortion pills. We have heard the stories, we know forcing people to travel, or to break the law in order to access basic healthcare, is cruel. We join Alliance for Choice in their demand for decriminalisation of abortion and access at home now.”

The IWD rally starts at 11am on Saturday 9th March at Writers Square, Belfast and will march on to City Hall. ARC have a limited number of spaces available for activists travelling to the rally on a bus leaving Dublin at 8am. See ARC’s social media feeds or contact your local ARC group for more information.